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Can I use the NUTREASE products if I am pregnant or nursing a baby?
Can I continue the program for more than three weeks?

The NUTREASE, Diet and Nutridetox program outlined for weeks 1 and 3 is well-balanced and can be continued if you and your health-care practitioner determine they are suitable for your needs. But the NUTREASE program is not a meal replacement program.

Is it safe for children to use the NUTREASE products?

The NUTREASE and Nutridetox program is designed for adults and youth older than 12 years under the supervision of a health-care practitioner. Your practitioner may deem it necessary to use this product for someone younger than 12, with supervision, although it should not be the sole source of nutrition.

I’d like to lose a few pounds. Will the NUTREASE products help me do this?

Although the NUTREASE products is not designed as a weight loss program, many people find they lose a few pounds while doing a cleansing regimen. Sometimes with increased water intake, and the more efficient processing of toxic substances, individuals lose a few pounds of water weight. Others find their body’s metabolism works more efficiently, causing them to burn calories better, resulting in some weight loss.

Can I take the NUTREASE products if I have diabetes?

The NUTREASE products is nutritionally well- balanced.  Therefore,  it  can  be  used  if   you have diabetes. However, as with any dietary or supplement changes you make, careful and frequent monitoring of blood sugar is a must!

If I am allergic to rice or peas, can I take the NUTREASE products?

Since NUTREASE contain whey, soy and pea protein, if you are allergic to either, then NUTREASE might not be the product for you. Talk to your health-care practitioner.

Can I use the NUTREASE products without the program?

Yes, NUTREASE is an excellent source of well-assimilated protein and other nutrients and can be used indefinitely as a gentle cleanse or as an addition to the daily diet.

What if I am constipated?

To properly do a cleansing program you need to be having regular (daily or more often) bowel movements.

What if I am dairy sensitive?

Do Not Use

What if I have soy sensitivities?

Product contains soy so better avoid it.

Should I expect my symptoms to get better while on the program?

Many patients experience a lessening of symptoms while on the program. However, some do experience a temporary increase of symptoms while their body is cleansing. If your symptoms get worse and are troublesome, contact your health-care practitioner.

Can I exercise while on this program?

During this program it is recommended that you do mild exercise daily and get adequate sleep. If possible, take a vacation from extra tasks and stresses. At the very least, take an hour per day to relax: breathe deeply, listen to a meditation CD or the music you love, relax in a hot bath, take a yoga class, or enjoy a walk in the park.

If you are used to a strenuous exercise routine, such as daily runs, you can continue as usual. However, do not do this program if you are increasing your exercise routine in preparation for a competitive event. If you have a competition planned, wait at least 10 days after the event to start this program, and listen to your body’s guidance. Don’t push it – work with it. If you find yourself overly tired one day, take a break. If you are feeling high energy, go for it. Your body will tell you what it needs. Most athletes find a detoxification program has lasting results and improves their stamina and endurance. Just don’t overdo it when your body is working hard cleansing toxins

What should I do about non-prescription and prescription medications while on this program?

First of all make sure your health-care practitioner has a complete list of every prescription and non-prescription medication you are taking. This includes any dietary supplements you might have started taking on your own. Keep in mind MANY products, including supplements, can contain allergens.

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